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My Page for Project Management Professional certification (PMP)

For those aspiring to get certified as PMP, here are some handy tips and notes, a small contribution from us (I and my wife passed the pmp certification together, we wrote the notes in the process)

Apart from PMBOK, we recommend that you select a book that will elaborate on the subject and make studies interesting. PMBOK is a knowledge packed substance but even experienced Project Managers, Co-ordinators, Analysts, team leaders and members will come across concepts they have never used and find it difficult to understand. There are lot of writeups on the internet that could be of use during the preparation.

You are better off understanding the processes than trying to mug up. The test tries to judge how you would behave in a given situation. You can score on most of the questions that are based on the know-how of Project management. But the remaining required percentage to reach the pass limit can be achieved only by correctly attempting the situation/scenario based questions. These questions are designed to confuse and you may find two or more options applicable. Your understanding of the basic concepts will be handy in attempting these questions.

We also recommend that you get hold of practice questions that gear you up for what to expect in the 4 hours test. Optionally, if you can form or be part of a study group it will greatly benefit your approach to studies and understanding the subject matter.

For PMP certification 35 hours of training is mandatory. You can do this training from various authorized test centers or even do it online. We preferred doing online training because of time constraints, besides it was affordable.

You may find the below provided 50-page study notes helpful. We wrote these notes while preparing for the certification. These were very handy in the last few weeks. I and my wife jointly prepared for the test. To give you a rough duration estimate, the average preparation cycle could be about 3-4 months. We put up about 1.5 hours of study on a weekday and about 10 hours on weekends.

If you find any errata in the study notes, please email me.

Download PMP Notes

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