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Forms 9i is here (Oracle9iDS)

Oracle released version 2 of Oracle9iDS bundles Forms 9i (now better known as Oracle9i Forms developer) with it. Oracle has bundled all its development tools under one Suite, Oracle9iDS (Oracle9i Development Suite). Oracle9iDS is Oracle's complete set of tools for developing Internet Applications. Oracle9i Developer Suite 9.0.2 is bundled with nine development tools. The first four tools are part of application development and the last five are grouped under Business Intelligence.

  1. Oracle9i JDeveloper
  2. Oracle9i Forms Developer (Forms 9i)
  3. Oracle9i Designer
  4. Oracle9i Software Configuration Manager
  5. Oracle9i Reports Developer (Reports 9i)
  6. Oracle9i Discoverer Administration
  7. Oracle9i Warehouse builder
  8. Oracle9i Clickstream intelligence Builder
  9. Oracle9i Business intelligence beans

The following components are planned for removal from forms 9i installation:
  1. Oracle Graphics
  2. Oracle Procedure builder
  3. Oracle Project builder
  4. Oracle Translation builder
  5. Oracle Query Builder
  6. Oracle Schema Builder
  7. Oracle Terminal
Forms 9i
Oracle9i Forms is a web-only release for developing applications for the internet. Some Key features are:
  1. Run on any network
    The new forms listner servlet allows the deployment of forms application on any network: Internet, Intranet or Extranet.

  2. Log in only once
    Using single sign-on eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords because they only have to log in once. No additional coding is required in the forms application module. Forms 9i can use the authentication services provided by the logon server included with Oracle9iAS, which is integrated with the OID and is LDAP-compatible.

  3. Oracle9i Database Internationalization support
    Forms 9i supports a new feature of Oracle9i database that ensures the length of character variable used in multi-language applications will accomodate the language in which the application id deployed! For example a variable of size varchar2(100) would hold 100 characters for US7ASCII character set. The same variable may hold 50 characters or less when using JA16SJIS character set. The new feature resolves this problem by allowing you to define the absolute number of characters required, irrespective of the character set involved.

  4. Deploy to Multiple Languages
    A new component of Forms 9i, TranslationHub, assists in translating Forms application to other languages. It maintains a repository of the translations and lets you preview the forms while they are being translated.

  5. Run your application in any timezone
    Forms 9i supports the ability to define timezones at all levels of application so that the correct time is stored in the database.

  6. Use XML to access your forms 9i files
    Forms 9i allows you to save module files (.fmb, .mmb and .olb files) to XML, which provides a human readable version of your forms application and lets you manipulate the application in XML.

  7. Access for users with Disabilities improved.

  8. Improved runtime functionality.

  9. Incorporate Java in Forms Application
    The Java Importer, present in middle-tier, provides a mechanism for a Forms application to call Java code contained within compiled Java classes. Check the links below for more details.

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Oracle9 internet Application Server. All-in-one server for building, deploying and managing business websites, applications and web services. I will have a separate link on this in future.
Oracle Internet Directory, a component of 9iAS.
Lightweight directory access protocol, for accessing information directories. OID is LDAP complient.

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