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dbms_output.put_line affect on Forms 6i

Does using DBMS_OUTPUT package in the back-end routines have any impact on the Front-end?
We normally use DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE to display messages in our code, which is handy when debugging using SQL*Plus. We don't encounter any issues when such back-end routines are called in Forms.

Is there any situation where use of DBMS_OUTPUT can generate error when Forms is running?

DBMS_OUTPUT is disabled by default when forms is running. If this option is explicitly enabled, using DBMS_OUTPUT.ENABLE, then it will behave the same way in forms, as it would in the back-end. Though the output will not be shown, but if any error is encountered, it will be thrown to the user in the front-end. The most common errors related to this package use are:

 ORU-10027: buffer overflow, limit of  bytes 
 ORU-10028: Line length overflow, limit of 255 bytes per line. 
So, don't be surprised if these error show up on your front-end screen.

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