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Screenshots of some Linux Distros

Below are screenshots of Linux distros I have tried. All are cool! I run FC4 (5 by 30/03/06!) on my home PC in smp mode (ht threading) and Ubuntu on my laptop. The sizes vary between 30kb to 300kb for most images. I prefer using dull,soothing and icy themes for desktops. If you like colorful themes, check out the latest stuff at (for gnome desktop users, kde users can also checkout specific sites). The FC and Ubuntu screenshots are on gnome desktop and the suse screenshots are on kde desktop
ps: I am still revamping my site and have still not put up a separate linux tag, hence posting this here for sometime. You can also directly browse the attachments folder for all the screenshots

Fedora core 4 screenshots (as on 01-jan-2006)
bare_desktop linux_desktop_arabic Linux_desktop_hindi Nautilus_MyComputer Nautilus_Mycomputer2 Nautilus_file_explorer bash_evergreen_shell Laptop_mouse_setup Laptop_Battery_display DIA_diagram_flowcharts_etal GAIM_online_chat xine_move_player XMMS_player Evolution_email_client Firefox_browse_internet System_Monitor Imendio_project_planner BugBuddy_bug_report_tool Yum_os_updates Gimp_image_draw gthumb_image_viewer Oracle_installation Games OOImpress_presentations gedit_notepad xpdf_pdf_reader adobe_acrobat_reader OOWriter_document OOCalc_spreadsheet tethereal_network_traffic IPTraf_network_packet_monitor

Suse 9.1 screenshots (as on 01-jan-2006)
bare_desktop Konqueror_file_manager Konsole_shell OOCalc OOWriter Internet Konqueror_browser SaX2_desktop kde_env1 control_centre yast_control_center kde_help_centre kde_menu_editor kde_Print_manager_control kde_send_to_fax KDE_System_guard KDirStat_directory_statistics1 KDiskFree kmail KSim KOrganizer _multimedia XMMS K3b_cd_Kreator KAudioCreator tux_paint utilities games_cannon-smash games_potato_guy1

Ubuntu 5.1 screenshots (as on 01-jan-2006)
bare_desktop command_prompt device_manager firefox games login_screen_setup oowriter services theme_selector updates vnc_ubuntu_to_fedora_core_desktop

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