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VMware Player for Free Virtualization

VMware has a free edition for creating and using personal virtual environments, called VMware Player. If you want to run linux as a virtual machine on your Windows desktop/laptop, here is a very basic walkthrough. You can use VMware player to deploy in any combination of host and guest operating system. I have been using Linux on Windows host for quite some time and the product is pretty good. I have recently tried running Linux on Linux host and I am all for it, I have covered this in another article on my site.

The prime difference between the free software player and VMware licensed equivalent workstation is that most of the GUI functionality is missing. I had to manually configure the environment and get it up, it is fun though. Another interesting fact is that Player always runs in single CPU mode, irrespective of the number of CPUs at host level.

Checkout some more information on VMware player virtualization and screenshots in the "running linux on windows article"

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