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10-jan-2006 00:00
Hats off to Bill Gates, Melinda Gates and Bono, TIME persons of the year 2005, for their charitable contributions!

01-feb-2006 00:00
I received complaints about my page not being clear on IE. Probably the colors don't fit in. Will change these soon.

12-mar-2006 22:21
Oracle XE
AS XE surprises, speculation is up for the new oracle database release. It may be called 11g or something more appropriate, it may be this year or next? Infact I see some TARs being marked as "bug fixed/available in 11g", what the heck! Oracle development team is working on Forms/reports 11g! The idea is to take these tools beyond 2013 (read it in some tool review), but the recommendation is to increase interoperatibility with Java/J2EE as these can co-exist. Since significant amount of Oracle Apps 11i code is still on Forms/reports and thanks to Apps market coverage, these tools will continue being supported and upgraded.

Apart from Java, Oracle pulled in .Net technology support ( providing connectivity downloads, discussions and other technical resources. And what more, well even for Microsoft office (! The surprise support entry is PeeeeyHhhPeeeeee ( "PHP" is bouncing on popularity bandwagon with a tremendous uprise ( Maybe "Python" is next?? Hey wait, have you heard of "Ruby", the current hot new thing, ok I will stop.

Will I get replaced by a computer program or a transistor! :-(

12-mar-2006 22:25
found this on the web,this is the last resort!
- Learn programming language in 10 years

22-mar-06 08:11
.Net on Linux
I was checking on the new release of Red hat supported Fedora Core 5 and was quite surprised to find that the mono project is part of the default installation. This is good news for Linux desktops as they can run .Net application.

The drawback here is that this is all in all an open source development, without any support from Microsoft. Without this backing, it may not allow professional deployment of .Net on Linux. Microsoft has not made a stand as it is more interested in spreading .Net at this time. What I collect from Linux forums is that probably Microsoft may not support mono in the long run as it would promote the Linux desktop also! This is best left to MS for judgement.

Mono provides a .Net compatible development and runtime environment. It is a project led by Novell. What I gathered from net is that it delivers a set of .Net compatible tools, including a C# compiler and a Common Language Runtime.

Like Mono project, another project called Wine allows windows applications to run on Linux. I have been able to run basic XP applications but could not succeed in running XP based games on wine!

23-mar-06 17:35
Linux mag article review
My feedback to Linux mag, I wrote it much after the mag was released, was tight on time, never the less, Martin Streicher (editor-in-chief, Linux Mag) review was good.

This one is on the booting up section - Big in Europe, Martin has cleanly compiled the writeup. The statement by Centeris "..instead, its clients find Linux to be better suited for certain services." is so true. Most of the management persons I have come across have framed the opinion that "Linux is in because it is free of cost!". Most of the decision makers fail to realise what Linux can do and why it is growing. I would like to point out two things that I keep telling all the decisions makers.

- Linux is in because it is free of cost!
Well if you based your decision on that, I am sorry but you took a biased decision! If you really want to run your business just on the fact that something is for free you are risking your business. Linux is in because of its capabilities and what it can do. So if you want to be rational about your choice, compare the various platforms and find out what is best. Only then will you see the light at the end of the tunnel! Free is just one attribute to the complete package.

- Linux is open source and free how can I rely on it!
That is a closed thought! Companies are injected to the idea of paying for all their softwares, because that gives guarantee! Does it? Well at least you can raise faults and punch the vendors to get the solutions when needed. Linux is today deployed in two modes, community support mode and professional support mode. So if you really want to keep the control, pay organizations that provide professional Linux support on their flavours. We have the likes of Red Hat, Suse and Ubuntu to name a few, who provide excellent after sale professional support.

For others the evergreen and reliable community support that is backed by brains from all parts of the world will suffice. Don't believe me? Just join a community and see how many responses you get for your problem, or simply log in and watch how emails flow to clog your mail box...

31-dec-2006 11:38
Finally, I got the time and opportunity to put my site together. I learned CSS to improve on the looks, it looks much better now. I decided to be flexible on the color choice for this site, so you will notice.

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